Quarterly MeetingFormed in 2012, under the guidance of Leadership for Jobs and a New Economy, the Central Valley Partnership (originally named the Fresno Partnership) brought together a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to restoring local governments to the purpose of operating in the public interest. Central to this idea was bringing together people who did not agree on everything but that shared common objectives and progressive ideals.

Today, this original concept still animates the Central Valley Partnership. We continue to develop and facilitate a broad-based, diverse and values-driven community partnership. Coming from a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives, we integrate leadership from conservation, planning and environmental groups; labor unions and professional organizations; political organizations; community organizations involved in health and human services, education, immigration and civil rights; and people involved in public service. We want our city councils and boards of supervisors to be dedicated to pragmatic economic growth along with social, economic and environmental justice. We seek to raise the level of civic engagement in the San Joaquin Valley and to support the election of people who serve all of us, not just a select few.

At our core, we are dedicated to identifying shared values and common ground toward restoring government to the purpose of operating in the public interest. We meet regularly to expand our relationships, discuss campaigns and events, support actions and programs, and sponsor candidate forums and organize trainings. We mobilize our communities to improve the quality of life in the region.