The Central Valley Partnership (CVP) has hosted or partnered in at least one training every year since its inception. Having been developed to form new coalitions and rebuild local relationships in the progressive community, hosting trainings that are mutually beneficial to the majority of organizations that form the CVP has been one of the most effective vehicles for long-term change.

I) Trainings

  • Community Organizer Trainings
    These trainings have happened twice in the Central Valley. They are professionally developed and moderated by partners from outside of the Central Valley and follow the Mid-West Academy model. They have been staged over two days on a weekend and generally train 40–70 community activists. Audience: community groups, entry-level staff, hardcore

    Panel Presentation
    CVP Panel Presentation

    activists; Interval: annually

  • Nonviolence Training
    This popular training occurred in 2017 and will likely return to the Central Valley annually. The CVP was a co-sponsor of this event. It requires little in funding and is good for all age groups. Audience: community groups, entry-level staff, hardcore activists; Interval: annually
  • Labor 101
    This training is co-sponsored by the CVP with the Fresno-Madera-Tulare-Kings Central Labor Council. It is designed to educate candidates and community leaders on the history and fundamentals of the multiple industries within organized labor. Audience: candidates, campaign staff, community group leaders; Interval: twice annually
  • Messaging Training
    The messaging training is designed and facilitated by the California Labor Federation. It uses sophisticated research developed by neuroscientists to identify trigger words and emotions commonly used in politics. Audience: candidates, community groups, communications staff; Interval: annually

II) Candidate Forums

Candidate Forum (Tulare)
2018 Orosi Candidate Forum for Tulare County Board of Supervisors District 5

The most effective events hosted by the CVP have been candidate forums. Election years always generate extra activism, and hosting grassroots candidate forums has been an excellent organizing tool for the CVP. Not only are they fulfilling to help plan and host, but they are also great for the audience. Candidate forums offer a distinct team-building platform for individual members of the CVP and employ organizing and messaging skills learned in the trainings we help host. To date, candidate forums have been hosted or co-hosted by CVP-affiliated organizations in the following counties:

  • Fresno
  • Tulare
  • Kern